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Prince Harry ‘whining’ about ‘not being King’ in upcoming memoir?

Piers Morgan has already decided that Prince Harry is ‘whining’ about his royal role in his memoir

By Web Desk
October 28, 2022

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Prince Harry is gearing up for the release of his upcoming tell-all, and Piers Morgan has already decided that the Duke of Sussex is ‘whining’ about his royal role in the book.

The Duke of Sussex announced the title of his book, Spare, clear reference to the famous phrase ‘heir and spare’ often used to refer to the two royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry, on Thursday, and Morgan took to Twitter to lambast him for it.

In a reply to his first tweet about Prince Harry’s memoir, Daily Mail’s Meghan McCain asked Morgan, “I’m not as plugged into this as Brits are clearly - but the title seems like a troll… is this your take?”

Morgan took this as an opportunity to hurl more criticism at Prince Harry, tweeting, “100%. It’s based on the phrase ‘heir and a spare’ and is Harry’s way of whining that he won’t ever be King.”

The comments came just hours after Prince Harry’s publishers, Penguin Random House, announced that the Prince’s upcoming tell-all will be titled Spare and also revealed the cover image for the book.