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Fata, Rahimyar Khan, Miranshah 'strongholds of Punjabi Taliban'

- March 11, 2013 - Updated 1937 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik Monday said that banned outfits are against peace in Karachi and termed Fata, Rahimyar Khan and Miranshah as 'strongholds of Punjabi Taliban'.


Talking to media persons here, Rehman Malik said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should put aside his personal interest and launch a crackdown on Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ).


He said the Badami Bagh incident will be seen as the biggest example of bad governance in the history.


Rehman Malik further said that the outlawed organizations did not want holding of general elections in Pakistan.


He demanded of the Afghanistan government to hand over the wanted terrorists to Pakistan.

Reader Comments
The Punjabi Taliban is a reality and there is racism involved, of a high degree. The hatred Punjab holds for Karachi is well known, but the international cultural and business character of Karachi will remain, come hell or high water. The five years of Rahman Malik have been the most insecure and unstable for Pakistan and the Punjabi Taliban have bolstered their militant and anti-Pakistan manifesto. Lahore is lucky to have made peace with them. Salams

N Habib
Shame on this imported Lota governing our beloved country who has no idea of our problems and our society. His job is just to fuel the situation rather to cool down the situation. Now he is spreading ethnic differences and making it a political issue and failure of punjab Govt. May Allah keep us safe from all monsters like this man.

- this fellow is really some thing else, again. just because punjab is in the clutches of sharif brothers, who are just as bad, and not ali baba's he is trying to malign the people of punjab as a whole. some one should ask him: is punjab not in pakistan and does punjab not come under the federal govt jurisdiction?

True Pakistani
Punjabi Taleban!!!! Then it is going to be Hindu Taleban, Jewish Taleban!!! This minister Malik always seems to be drunk or drugged. One can imagine that Pakistan is being ruled by run by morons like Malik and Zardari.

PPP and PML-N rivalry is destroying the nation, the lead should be taken by the Federation and supported by the provinces. Provinces too big and powerful, they should be broken into smaller provinces, only then will center be strong.

so you should be carefull as yours statements are like fuel for fire.

What a ridiculous and absurd demand Milk is making to hand over Maulavi Fakir. Pakistan should hand over terrorists such as Mullah Omar, Haqqani and Gulbudin instead

Mohammad Saleem
'punjabi' taliban !! ..what's that ? like your master zardari, you ppp people always try to instill racism and try to divide & rule ..there is only type in Pakistan ..i.e paki talibans.

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