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Pakistan reclaims anthem singing record

- October 20, 2012 - Updated 1942 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Guinness World Records (GWR) has declared Pakistan the holder of world record for the most people singing a national anthem simultaneously yet again, Geo News reported.


Pakistan is also eyeing to set another world record by making the biggest human flag of Pakistan at the same venue.


Earlier patriotic emotions ran through the sky when thousands of participants of Punjab Youth Festival joined voices to break the said world record for the most people singing a national anthem simultaneously here in Lahore.


A GWR representative made official announcement in this regard saying according to their tally 42,813 Pakistani people sang the national anthem together to reclaim the world record.


"Aap nay world record tord diya hay (You have broken the world record)", a GWR representative said in Urdu.


A few hours earlier the ambitious organizers claimed that Pakistan has made it to the Guinness World Records as around 70,000 people have sung the national anthem together.


According to a statement issued by Sports Board of Punjab a day earlier at least 24,000 students, athletes as well as 60,000 audience/volunteers were expected to set the world record in the opening ceremony of Punjab Youth Festival 2012 main round.


Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, who was the chief guest, bravoed the participants and organizers for such a grand effort.


Addressing the attendees of the ceremony, he said it was Pakistan’s event not just Punjab’s.


Earlier, country's famous singers entertained the audience of the show, hosted by none other than Geo TV's live wire Sahir Lodhi.


According to Guinness World Records website, the current record is held by India where 15, 243 people sang the national anthem simultaneously.


The event was organized by Lokmat Media Ltd (India) at the Divisional Sports Ground, in Aurangabad, India, on 25 January 2012.


It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan had held this record until it was broken by Indians.


A total of 5,885 people people had sung the national anthem simultaneously to set a new world record on August 14, 2011, Pakistan's 65th Independence Day.


Then, Pakistan had beaten the previous record of 5,248 set by the Philippines on September 1, 2009.

Reader Comments
Waste of time and resources. The excerciese would have had been applaudable had it been organized by people themselves. Organized by CM Punjab-ruler of sixty five percent of Pakistan- it instead made us feel little inferior. As the purpose was simply to somehow enhance ever dwindling political support amongst the massess of Nawaz Sharif, who this is becoming clearer, have ammassed riches by tax evasion. SHAHID HUSSEIN QAOOLPURIA, LAHORE, PAKISTAN

A stupid exercise and complete waste of time of so many thousand people and money as well

Guinness World Records: Another Great TOPI DRAMA of Sharifs! Thousands of students from Govt. Schools and Colleges would have been misused and put to immense pain and agony to make this TOPI DRAMA happen. I wonder whether the students of Aitchison College or American International School, Lahore had participated in the National Anthem??? Its not possible as the children of these Elites study in these institutions and they would not like to bother their own children...

Salman Jamil
These Sharifs must have spend millions of rupees of public money to arrange all this DRAMA and must have invited the Guinness team on public money to make thie Top Drama happen. But its really sad that we Pakistanis are so innocent that we are often impressed by such Topi Dramas! Nobody can make us fool if we apply our minds a little bit….So please don’t be befooled by these FOOLS.

Salman Jamil
totally useless and easily breakable record. if India can just bring together the homeless from the streets, it will easily break this record.. waste of money..

Nabeel Khan
Brother muzamil we love Pakistan from the core of our hearts. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves. Unfortunately, Pakistan cannot find sincere leaders but we hope that we will be developed INSHA ALLAH.

Muhammad Tauqir
Let us all make Pakistan a peaceful country in the world, let us end corruption in Pakistan, let us make all Pakistanis as one nation, let us make Pakistan a well progressive country in the world. Remember...United We Stand...Divided We Fall.

Taj Ahmad
May. Allah enable us to offer prayer and work like that. Only anthem is not. enough to make things better

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