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Public holiday on Friday

- September 19, 2012 - Updated 1430 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: In the backdrop of protests against the anti-Islam movie, the government has announced a public holiday on Friday to observe Ishq-e- Rasool(PBUH) day, Geo News reported.


The decision was taken in the Federal Cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf today to deliberate over the matter of anti-Islam movie and to mull ways to record protest against it.


The Prime Minsiter condemned the film that ridiculed Islam. It was also decided in the meeting that PM Raja Pervez Ashraf will personally meet with the US ambassador and will take the nation into confidence.


He also appealed to people to protest peacefully and not destroy their own property.


PM Ashraf also appreciated the Army's relief and rescue efforts undertaken during recent floods in different areas of the country. He also prayed for the victims who lost their lives in floods and fire incidents in Karachi and Lahore.

Reader Comments
i am glad we got rid of you guys in 1947..things like these do not have any place in the civilized world.

minorities in muslim countries are persecuted. making movies mocking prophets is our way of protest. we should do this more often. and seems this is working :)

I would like to request all if we can spread out the word today that every one who is coming on road or staying back in their houses tomorrow should recite Darood Sahreef as much as they can instead of shouting slogans. Thank you

The best way to protest is to stop using produts globally made by company directly or in-directly connected with "Zionest" major factor behind motivation of these activites or america/france supporting these acts. When you stop using their products it will turn to be huge loss and believe me its a best revange we can have as individuals and proud Muslim! please read and share.. Jazak Allah

Ok so Hillary Clinton was afraid of the American-Jewish Rabbis but Pakistan does not have to be afraid of the Taliban. The honor of a topless Kate was more important to them(west) than our Prophet(pbuh) but to loose a days productivity for the whole nation makes little sense. The United Nation should pass the necessary laws to protect all religions and have a court like the one used to try non-conforming dictators of Africa.

Policy makers in the US are not very smart. They should have immediatley banned the movie after ist report. President Obama and congress should have condemned it publically. The movie maker should have been charged for inciting hatred and violence by making this movie.

Faizullah Khalil
Yeh Kia mazak Hai Awam k 7 ... Public Holiday ka faida ? ? ? bhaai Purpose Kia Hai ? ? ? Utube band kr dee Uss Ka Kia Faaida ? ? ? Krna Hai Tou Neeto Supply Roko... American embassies ko jo Ghr Alot Hain Wo Khali Krwaao .... Tb Khud ba khud video v remove ho jaay Gee or wo mafi v mangay gay.... Utube ma kaam kee cheezien b bht hoti hain....

Wow! A holiday for all people in Pakistan! Every citizen is screaming at the top of his voice to condemn this movie made by some loser. But they all keep quiet on massive killing going on in the name of their beloved God.

asif Iqbal
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