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Raja vows full focus on energy issues

- June 22, 2012 - Updated 1639 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: The candidate of the PPP and its coalition partners Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said Friday that tackling and overcoming the energy crisis would be his top priority if elected.


Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was speaking to the media after attending the parliamentary party meeting of the PML-Q. Ashraf thanked the PML-Q and the Chaudhry brothers for extending their support to him.


Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi of the PML-Q while speaking to reporters said his party had endorsed Ashraf as the PM candidate and that they had a commitment to President Zardari and the PPP as their allies.

Reader Comments
We have never seen such an opinion about an incumbent prime Minister. Gone are the days when even nominees for this slot were carefully chose ensuring that they are of flawless character. Can we say the same thing for this thug by face, thug by his speech, thug by his actions and thug by character.

hashmi amanat
Pakistan for zardari only...he is just a shame to the nation.

Haq Parast
Extremely disappointed at the coalition politicians. They are making commitments to Zardari, rather than use the opportunity to show some loyalty to the country by rejecting to elect another corrupt PM. This shows all these politicians have one goal...plunder the country and let the fellow citizens continue to suffer extreme hardships for basic survival.

Salman Khan
United Kingdom
So, he can collect "ransom" whatever left in the energy sector when he was "only" minister, but now he will be "full" PM.

He will focus on enery because thats where he can make the most money with his RPP friends.

Shaffiq Mahmood
United Kingdom
Look at him seems like he has the chair at the airport to polish his master's shoes before flight departure.Now he can focus on energy issues as he can simply pass on the orders to other ministers.

Another PM who looks like a clown. Why is that all Zaradri men are ungly looking act as jokers and clowns. The man who should have been made PM and is Zaradri right hand man is Rehman Malick. At least he is a clown that makes everyone laugh.

United Kingdom
Does this corrupt and incompetant Rajs thinks that Paksitani People will take his word He will go down anlong with his boss in the cess pool

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