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Militants attack Bannu jail, 384 escape

- April 15, 2012 - Updated 935 PKT - From Web Edition

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Nearly 400 prisoners escaped from a jail in northwest Pakistan early on Sunday after it was attacked by militants armed with guns and rocket propelled grenades, a senior police official said.


Some who fled the jail in the town of Bannu, near tribal areas close to the Afghan border, were militants, an intelligence official said.


According to Bannu Jail Superintendent around 500 militants attacked the prison in the wee hours.


One inmate who escaped was on death row for involvement in an attempt to assassinate former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, a second police official said.


Pakistan's al Qaeda-linked Taliban movement, which has close links to al Qaeda, said its fighters mounted the assault, which triggered clashes. Several people were wounded.


"We have freed hundreds of our comrades in Bannu in this attack. Several of our people have reached their destinations, others are on their way," a Taliban spokesman said.


The claim could not be immediately verified.


A police official identified one of the inmates who escaped as a "dangerous prisoner" named Adnan Rasheed who took part in one of the attempts to kill Musharraf.


"He was a mastermind in (one of the attacks) on Musharraf. These people came for him and took another 383 people too," the official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.


Police and intelligence officials said only some of the prisoners who escaped were militants.


"Dozens of militants attacked Bannu's central jail in the early hours of the morning, and over 300 prisoners have escaped," senior police official Mir Sahib Jan told Reuters.


"There was intense gunfire, and rocket-propelled grenades were also used."


Paramilitary troops and security forces surrounded Bannu Central Jail. Of a total 944 prisoners in the jail, 384 escaped, said another police official.


Militants apparently targeted six jail blocks in the attack, he said. (Geo News/Reuters)

Reader Comments
Banu jail incident is planned.inconnyvence with Establishment , Taliban , nd..........fazlulrehman , a deal with american. In consideration of nitto supply.

Sohail Babar Jandal
police is good for fake encounters not ready or train to deal with real threats.they pay money to get job or by sifaarish so why put their life in danger

All Parties Conference should be held immediately to work out the strategies and develop a consensus to overcome security lapses like Bannu Jail incident.

Sajid Mahmood Awan
Militants attacked Banu jail in the wee hours on 15 April. Attackers freed around 400 prisoners and escaped. Amongst the prisoners, that escaped some of them were hardcore criminals. One person namely Adnan Rashid was the person who was on the death row for having attempted to assassinate the ex President Mr. Musharraf. Imagine 400 criminals moving freely all over the country. My appeal to the government is to immediately apply their best efforts in the recapture of all the escapees.

Shafaee Farooqui
Shameful. This is the state of affairs of our prison security. No resistance, no remorse and surely no regret. Long live Peoples Party and its affiliates.

Its high time Government review its policy towards FATA. Government keeps on pampering them, more Government funds have rolled in FATA compared to settled area. their students and graduates are given priority seats in professional colleges and jobs, over-ruling the Law of merit. In return Pakistan has recieved noting but trouble from FATA, it has adversely affected the economy, peace and now the very existence of Pakistan. This policy of appeasement is doomed to failure.

I still don't get it that if they were dangerous, then why we kept them in jail. We need to bring some changes in our anti-terrorism laws, so we don't spend our financial resources on these bastards by providing food and shelter in the jail. We after summary courts try to hang them right away, and take thier organs and give to those who needed most in our society.

The joker who calls himself the Interior Minster should resign. In any other country heads would roll but not in Zardaris Pakistan

United Kingdom
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