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Shah Mehmood Qureshi joins PTI

- November 27, 2011 - Updated 1738 PKT - From Web Edition

GHOTKI: Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Sunday announced joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lead by Imran Khan, Geo News reported.


Shah Mehmood Qureshi made the announcement during his address to a huge public meeting in the presence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan in Ghotki.


The decision was no longer a surprise for the people, as Imran Khan who had earlier addressed today's rally, had weeks ago disclosed Qureshi's political plan.


Earlier, this month Shah Mehmood Qureshi had parted his ways with Pakistan People's Party and also resigned from his National Assembly membership.


Qureshi said that he had weighed a number of options available to him before reaching today's decision.


He maintained that President Asif Ali Zardari had tried to stop him from holding a public rally in Ghotki but 'the people of Sindh have proved that Sindh does not belong to those who live in Islamabad.'


"This land does not belong to Asif Ali Zardari but to Sindhi people," he asserted.


He said that his caravan had embarked on a journey whose destination was not the attainment of power but it was the accomplishment of change. "The aim of this caravan is to destroy the 'Firaun' who is in Islamabad," he added.


He said the present National Assembly's functioning did not reflect people's aspirations.


Qureshi stated that the winds of change in system and also in faces had started blowing.


He said today's public gathering would prove to be the 'first drop of the rain (for change)' against the government.


The former foreign minister said he had set off on his new journey by opposing the plans of granting diplomatic indemnity to Rayomnd Davis.


Qureshi said they were Sindhis who passed the first resolution for the establishment of Pakistan in Sindh Assembly.


He said today's youth looks towards Imran Khan because they were in desperate need of a leadership that can guide them to a direction that leads to the goal of achieving a prosperous Pakistan.

Reader Comments
for from bringing any change Imran is relyig on the fudal loerds so caald dabba pirs like shah mehmood,who is a dhabba pir and a fudal lord also.Imran is a son in law of Zoinist right wing family.that is all his polical credentials,

United Kingdom
shah mehmood querashi joins tip with all his muridan,shah you have never bothered to change the life of all those Maridan,who are your can you change the the life of people of Pakistan,another short cut,another opportunity,Shah ji SHARAM KARO DOOB MARO,how can you bring a change with fuedulism,in tact and u being a big part of it,

[email protected]
United Kingdom
it is very good for pakistan.

Imran is a bigger security risk for Pakistan due to his ties with Jews and his children being brought by Jews who will be the future of PTI. Further more, most of Imran' decisions have been insensible including his marriage and judging other politicians. Quraishi is an opportunist who is looking for short cuts and probably will takeover PTI. why did Quraishi meet PMLN before joining PTI, probably wanted a bigger seat which PMLN refused.

I am Not Surprised to read about the induction of Shah Mehmood Qureshi, I Just Know another Timeserver has joined PTI, when SMQ was in power in PPPP Govt he said Pakistan’s Nuclear assets are Very Safe and Now What he is saying?My serious concern as a citizen of Pakistan to Mr. Imran Khan is why is he strengthening PTI with rejected individuals of the existing ruling political parties, how can he or any one in PTI assure its citizens that PTI won’t be any diff from the existing corrupt party.

Shah Mohammed Qureshi has redeemed himself of his past sins by linking with Imran Khan. He is an educated and a capable person and will help TEI gaining grounds in the wider community. MQM in its leader Altaf Hussain has lost direction as their support would benefit Imrans campaign. Musharaf is another honest person and netting him will bring leadership experience to Imran Khan. It is time Imran asked his followers to start Satyagarh (civil disobedience) inviting civil servants to join.

United Kingdom
I congratulate Imran Khan & PTI team that Shah Sahib has joined PTI. I also like to congratulate Shah Sahib’s on his brave & intelligent decision of joining PTI. Shah Sahib is such a courageous leader who stood on his principals against corrupt government & resigned from his Ministry & MNA seat as well. I am sure with the joining of senior & good character politician will achieve their goal to end corrupt political system.

No doubt all and sundry are praying to get rid of Zardaris and their future generation. keeping in view the past history in fact ppp/zardaris,Shujat and co;mqm, Maulvi Fazal and Imran all favourite of Mush and Bush i.e.Amrica. All of them supported Musharaf. They would not bring any change. Look at PTI being joined by old faces question mark on their conduct ie lotacracy etc.Can't pin hope. ONLY REVOLUTION is the answer.

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