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Mufti-e-Azam urges Muslims to unite

- November 05, 2011 - Updated 1542 PKT - From Web Edition

MAKKAH: Mufti-e-Azam (Grand Mufti) of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh in his hajj sermon on Saturday said that killing any innocent is forbidden in Islam and Muslims should respect the rights of other Muslims, Geo News reported.


Sheikh Abdul Aziz was delivering the sermon from the historical Nimra Mosque where millions of pilgrims are have gathered to perform the key rituals of hajj.


He urged the Muslims to avoid evil thoughts and action and take guidance from the Holy Quraan and Sunnah. He said that Muslims should be united and they should be mutually helpful.


He said that Muslim governments should prevent crimes, injustice and poverty. They should not use weapons against their own people, instead the rulers should act in accordance with the Sharia.


Sheikh Abdul Aziz said that Shariah guides economic transactions as well and Islam has forbidden interest therefore the business community should try to get rid of its menace.


Shedding light on the importance of hajj, he said that it cleanses all evils that a man commits in his lifetime.


He urged the channels of the Muslim countries to play their role and build character as global media is bent on damaging Muslim society.


Reader Comments
We all have read the Khutba of the Grand Mufti at the time of Hajj. Gilani particular liked that a terrorist is out of Islam. But he did not make comments on lying, corruption, making the life of the citizens of Pakistan, miserable with destruction of railways, power shortage, Bhatta Khori and uncontrolled inflation. Probably Zardari, Gilani, Altaf and Nawaz are still moslems.

m. akhtar
muslims are slowly doing it, with Islamic governments in Turkey, tunisia, egypt, iran and soon to be Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If the people of Saudia Arabia are comfortable with there rulers then objections by others carry no weight. No matter what they are but atleast better then rulers in rest of the Islamic world.

Mr. Bharatiya, you got him wrong had that speech been from the Pop urging his people not to harm each other , you might have appreciated him.Mufti saheb urged Muslims in a perspective,since all muslims are religiuosly brothers so it is sin to kill a brother to another who are considered more than a real brother, he might have in his mind about the suicidal bomb blast that kills only muslims by muslims.

Ikramuddin Akbar
It does not matter what Mufti of Kaaba says because many Muftis came b4 & said the same things but none of them could change the RULEERS of Saudi Arabia. In my opinion they are the worst in Islamic Ummah, they should have led the Islamic world but instead they helped the evil, satanic and anti Islamic powers to destroy Muslims. They are corrupt too because they oppressed their own people for their personal benefits. They helped U.S to destroy IRAQ, LIBYA, AFGHANISTAN and destablize Pakistan.

mere mutabiq
Bharatiya - have you actually read the news item ? the Mufti-e-Azam has said that killing of innocent people is forbidden ( which is in fact a repetition of the Holy Quran saying that killing of one innocent human being amounts to killing the entire humanity ). There is no distinction of Muslim or non-Mulsim. What part of it do you not understand ? ( or do not want to understand ? )

Dear Bharatiya, he said that killing any innocent is forbidden in Islam. That includes innocent non muslims.

All Muslims should follow the speech (Haj Khutba) of Imam-i-Kaba was delivered at Arafat on 9 Zilhaj.

Atif Rehman
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