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3 men of Pak-origin killed in UK riots

August 10, 2011 - Updated 1255 PKT
From Web Edition

LONDON: Three people of Pakistani origin died Wednesday after being hit by a car during riots in the central English city of Birmingham, officials said, amid reports that they died while trying to protect their community from looters.


Police said they had arrested a man and launched a murder inquiry after the incident which happened at around 1:00 am (0000 GMT) as Britain's second biggest city suffered from another night of riots.


Paramedics said they found around 80 people at the scene after the men were hit by the car. Two of the men were pronounced dead at the scene and the third died later in hospital.


According to reports the men who died had just come out of a mosque and were protecting their neighbourhood during the riots.


Around 200 people from Birmingham's Asian community gathered outside the hospital where the victims were taken and that riot police were also stationed there.

Reader Comments
very simple solution...... book the killers of murdered black man and put them behind the seems the top brass is involved or unnecessarily reluctant to investigate the root cause.

dr. kaleem sultan
The Three Heros HAROON JAHAN, SHAZAD ALI AND ABDUL MUSAVIR. My heartfelt prayers for the devastated Parents and extended families, they will always be rememberd as Heros. Murdered while defending the rights of the Community. Anyone that cares to know Shazad alone or anyone of the three would have strangled all the murdering occupant of the cars with his bare hands. They faced the cowards like Heros they were.

United Kingdom
@english! mad don't see centre, left or right. hateful litrature made them to this extent. Do not destroy this beautiful country, which is having good trades from world plus english franchises earns, they have stack in other country who allow them to earn too because they love England.

I think this is nothing but Christian Terrorism!

Agha Asad Raza
The whole riot story proves that the present british government is entirely involved, for they want the Asian Community to fear and leave britain. This has already been evident since the start of this government, which no doubt, is racist as we all know how they support english defense league (EDL) against other ethnic groups.

Zahoor ulHaq
Don't be scared to some stupid racist

those PAKISTANI were more brave than ... british cops and goverment shame on them ...... atleast they stood for thier community they stood for right reason ...... not like white pus*** who can not even save themselves so who would they save anybody else ....

. Now London jails are full of capacity and no more place to keep rioters. Although security forces are linking worst recent events in London from killing of twenty nine year old black man who was arrested and killed by police but several other reasons are working behind recent unrest in London.

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