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Haqqani promises Osama intel inquiry

May 03, 2011 - Updated 96 PKT
From Web Edition

WASHINGTON: Pakistani ambassador to US promised a "full inquiry" Monday into how Pakistani intelligence services failed to find Osama bin Laden in a fortified compound just a few hours drive from Islamabad.


"Obviously bin Laden did have a support system, the issue is was that support system within the government and the state of Pakistan or within the society of Pakistan?" ambassador Husain Haqqani told American news channel.


"We all know that there are people in Pakistan who share the same belief system and other extremists.... So that is a fact that there are people who probably protected him," he said.


"We will do a full inquiry into finding out why our intelligence services were not able to track him earlier."


"Any question about intelligence failures will definitely be addressed by

us jointly," Haqqani said.


"What I find incredulous is the notion that somehow, just because there is a private support network in Pakistan, the state, the government and the military of Pakistan shouldn't be believed."


But the ambassador indicated there were some in Pakistan that still had to come to terms with working with the Americans.


"Look, we have to as a nation in Pakistan re-evaluate our view of this whole problem," he said.


Some people after 9/11 "said we shouldn't side with the United States because the United States is about to crumble like the Soviet Union did and we should actually support the Taliban," he said.


"You remember that, that changed. Pakistan has to come to terms with the fact and we will."

Reader Comments
@Farooq Kuwait: You have survived 60 years, but can't say if you will survive 70... your own leaders will sell your stupid country and head to greener pastures... Pakistan is a cancer - gives all Muslims a bad name.

Who is this joker Haqqani to promise inquiry ? Like every other inquiry in Pakistan, it would end up in the dust bin or blame on lower level officials. Zardari better find a plausible excuse to convince the world. Washington certainly is not buying this story.

Ismael Khan
Bravo Mr. Haqqani, Pakistan needs brave, loyal and honest sons like you and Zardari.

Samad Qazi
The world will be a better place without people like Osama but there is no point in showing vain vanity. After all American serving humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan is before all of us.The difference is only of numbers. Who killed and how many?

niaz ali
Saudi Arabia
Why are you peo disappointed. Don't you know the reality, The biggest terrorist/Liar is Amercia, WHY IRAQ (any WMD Weapons found). if ISI protected osama, so how could the most powerful agency CIA was unaware of 9/11 attacks. so simple. great game is carrying on..... you just see the waves will be spread through out all the mustlim countries. we have to be united. Please start thinking. these non muslims are gathered to kill muslims. Indian killing kashmires (why World is blind)

Tariq Khan
I have a simple question from all those who are blaming Pakistan. who has suffered the most in terms of human loss and economy is this war on terror. Surely Pakistan. so guys stop blaming Pakistan. Pakistan has sacrifised the most and suffered the most because of this menace.

well .. if the americans could produce Osama's dead body, I would believe them. Till then, they can shove their arrogance up their backside.

Abrar R
Haqqani is speaking the american language now. Actually he is trying to give direction to Pakistani establishment. The US always depends upon the other country's intelligence, what a shame on these idiots. In any case now it is Obama not Osama's obligation to bring to the justice to the people of Iraq, Afghans and Pakistan. I am saying again and again that Americans are fully trapped by Indian hooligans and you can see in this site, they have been assigned to propagate against Pakistan.

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