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Pakistan says US conducted operation

- May 02, 2011 - Updated 138 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday confirmed the death of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in an “intelligence-driven military operation” conducted by the US army, in the early hours at Abbottabad.


A statement from the Foreign Office said the most wanted terrorist mastermind was killed in an operation “conducted by the US forces in accordance with declared US policy that Osama bin Ladin will be eliminated in a direct action by the US forces, wherever found in the world.”


The Foreign Office termed it “a major setback to terrorist organizations around the world.” The statement said President Obama telephoned President Zardari on the successful US operation which resulted in killing of Osama bin Ladin.


Osama bin Ladin’s death illustrates the resolve of the international community including Pakistan to fight and eliminate terrorism.


The Foreign Office statement said al-Qaeda had declared war on Pakistan. Scores of Al-Qaeda sponsored terrorist attacks resulted in deaths of thousands of innocent Pakistani men, women and children.


Almost, 30,000 Pakistani civilians lost their lives in terrorist attacks in the last few years. More than 5,000 Pakistani security and armed forces officials have been martyred in Pakistan’s campaign against Al-Qaeda, other terrorist organizations and affiliates.


Pakistan has played a significant role in efforts to eliminate terrorism.

“We have had extremely effective intelligence sharing arrangements with several intelligence agencies including that of the US. We will continue to support international efforts against terrorism.”


“It is Pakistan’s stated policy that it will not allow its soil to be used in terrorist attacks against any country. Pakistan’s political leadership, parliament, state institutions and the whole nation are fully united in their resolve to eliminate terrorism,” the statement said.

Reader Comments
The Pakistan recieved a slap on its face. Mr Gilani taks about the supermacy of the parliment and talks about that the whole nation is united to take defend the Pakistan. As a matter of the parliment and whole nation is one person, who is enjoying vacation in Russia. While Gilani is getting ready to go to China to relieve his tention.

m. akhtar

Saudi Arabia
Both the services chiefs (Army & Air force) should have resigned after their incompetency to protect the sovereignty of Pakistan.

India said. Isreal conducted operation to capture Ajmal Qasab. So v can Say USA is better than Isreal and Osama than Qasab.

Baal Thakrey
Swiss banks harbour black money and Pakistan is harboring terrorists. No one is going to make any operation to tame the black money storing agencies in the similar way like Osama's demise. I think interests of all those who matter lies in swiss banks Is it or not?

Pakistan [Nuclear Power] was sleeping on the JOB So Now, PRESIDENT, THE ARMY CHIEF ,ISI CHIEF, The PRIME MINISTER and all those involved in securing the BORDERS AND AIRSPACE SHOULD RESIGN.OR BE TRIED FOR TREASON. And new GUARDIANS should start shopping for better SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENTS WAKE UP PAKISTAN

My truth Baby from UAE... we will see what would be ur future in the hands of USA. Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain...Iran We will see when USA want democracy in UAE, so called kingdom will finish soon baby...Arabs will work then, not just cruising in Land cruiser and make people fool. UAE & KSA are coward kingdom ship. Doing S**T for Muslims.

Pakistanis have no honor. They are liars and cowards.

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