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Ajmal speaks against DRS

- April 02, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: Spinner Pakistan cricket team Saeed Ajmal, expressing his anger over the reversal of Leg Before Wicket (LBW) decision of Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar, said that he had taken the latter’s wicket but Decision Review System (DRS) showed ball breaking more than what actually happened, Geo News reported.


Meanwhile, Wahab Riaz, the star from Pakistan side in semifinal against India, said that he was flying over the moon after getting Yuvrag out however; team’s victory could have multiplied my happiness.


Two Pakistani frontline bowlers said this while talking to media after arrival at Allama Iqbal airport.


Saeed Ajmal said the ball that trapped Tendulkar before wickets was not spinning much instead it just held its straight trajectory but he was surprised to see the ball taking spin in DRS’s graphics.


On the occasion, opening batsman Mohammed Hafeez said he is still regretting at his mistake to play such a lazy shot to be declared out against India but he seemed satisfied with his overall performance in mega event.


Other players accompanied by Saeed Ajmal and Wahab Riaz were Shoaib Akhtar, Misbah-ul-Haq, Umer Akmal, Abdul Rehman, Asad Shafique but all declined to speak to media.

Reader Comments
Cricket generally comprises of batting, bowling, fielding and planning. I see Pikstan's performance excellent in bowling and below par in the rest of the arenas. The best batsman in any team has to come up the order and play with out pressure which I consider should be Umer Akmal. In this world cup Pakistan even did not try sending Razzaq or Afridi up the order wherein pitches were flat and there were fielding restrictions.

Murad Khan
Everybody stop blaming Misbah. Yes he could have sped up with singles but hind sight is always 20-20 ,the main problem was that there was no partnership taking place.While Misbah played slow,he gave pak a respectful (yet agonizing) loss. Do we really think its misbah's fault that Umar akmal got out to a flier , or hafeez trying to invent a new cricketing shot in a WC semifinal or afridi losing it (as usual) and falling to an obvious trap by harbajhan?They should have done 10 more runs each.

You cannot give Tendulkar five lives and expect to win. But restricting India to 260 was a great job. So what went wrong? The first turning point was when a well settled Hafeez played an (&&*^%%$#@@@) atrocious shot, the second was when Afridi did not take the power play. The less said about Misbah and Younus the better. Whats this I hear about Imran Farhat being included for the West Indies?

Aslam Quadri
We should take it in spirit of game. Rather than criticizing DRS we should criticize poor fielding and wastage of balls by Misbah and Younas. They are senior players and could have kept the scoreboard ticking by taking singles and doubles. Pakistan pretty much had the game in there hand and they just let it slip because of poor planning. Pakistan's got lot of talent and I think they should be taking classes in planning and strategy!

Remember that India was the only country who has opposed the DRS system tooth and nail knowing fully well the disadvantages of DRS system. But in WC2011; India was singled out & voted out as only country opposing it and ICC used the system which also affected India during England tie and SA defeat of last over. why did PCB NOT oppose it like India then ???

Uday Kulkarni
I believe there is something to be said about the sincerity of Misbah and Younis. All in all there were too many captains in this side. Misbah was always second guessing Afridi. Before the game he was reported to be saying that he is backing Akhtar. What right does he have to say that? What does it do to the authority of Afridi. I for one do not want to see or hear anything about Misbah or Younis. They did not want Afridi's team to win. But kudos to India. Well done and congratulations!

Some good play , such as excellent balls to Umar and Yuvraj. Kamran, Younis and Misbah can’t catch, can’t run 1’s and 2’s and the last 2 can’t bat. So remove them and Razzaq ,plan for future. What has happened has happened give people who want to play for Pakistan with desire and passion not for self glorification. As for DRS only use for contact with bat, run outs, stumping not trajectory of ball.

Few questions to be answered : why the hell on earth, they did not take bating power-play when it was deadly needed!!why tendulkar was given so many chances?? , why the hell younus khan played such a stupid shot?? Who stopped Misbah from scoring single-double at least!!!, why afridi did not take responsibility (in batting) as a good captain???Well another aspect to look at this match is Mr.Rehman Malik calling afridi thrice before the match :).

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