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Davis is CIA spy, claims British paper

- February 21, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT - From Web Edition

LONDON: The US gunman, Raymond Davis, who shot dead two men in Lahore, triggering a diplomatic crisis between Pakistan and the United States, is a CIA agent who was on assignment at the time of the incident, British newspaper claimed.


Based on interviews in the US and Pakistan, the newspaper quoted a Pakistani intelligence official that the 36-year-old former special forces soldier is employed by the CIA.


Pakistani officials believe the vehicle's occupants were also CIA because they came from the same suburban house where Davis lived.


The US refused Pakistani demands to interrogate the two men who crushed another Pakistan with vehicle and on Sunday a Pakistani intelligence official said they had left the country.

Reader Comments
this is good he got please try to catch other CIA spies, act fast.swift action is needed.let him folow law of the land.

Saudi Arabia
Its unquestionable this guy is a CIA operative, its the shady nature of his business and network building which has been accidently stumbled upon which needs to be examined, particularly the links with the TTP and how those relations deteriorated after Mehsud''s (drone) killing leading to the attack by local operative in Khost. The question should be asked of the US policy makers "Are with you Pak or against us"

The point is not raymond act for cia , There is some kind of mutual benefit in pak govt and usa feed them they are hipocrates and people value is very cheap in their eyes this is a time for our nation to stand up and take law into people hand and hang these so called leaders first and do what happen in middle east.

Hong Kong
Our own blood thirsty politicians are the ones who should be on trial. Charity begins at home. Davis an unbeliever was doing his job. Those killed met their fate as their time was up. It could have been anyone, but it was so called Davis.

Declare Kot Lakpath Jail as part of Guantanamo Bay. USA is the biggest democracy can’t we follow it, Pakistan Ambassador to USA can supervise?

I resent twisted mind khalil khan calling the murderd victims thugs. They were human beings and they were murderd by a coward. Until the motive as to- 1/ What was he doing there???? and is that the excuse for cold blooded killings?????? 2/ Why the paranoia on USAs part to have him released at any cost. Remember a total of 4 people have died. Mrs Shumaila, the wife's will is "blood for blood" and that cannot be changed by the any government without facing problems

Khan Sahib
HA! The innocent boys were carrying illegal weapons and were known criminals. They got killed becuas they messed with a shooter that was better than them at killing and hurting. whether the bullets are in the back or front does not make anyone shaheed. Kindly read the autopsy reports and the police report before telling others to shut and saying they were innocent.

khalil Khan
hang Davis till death !

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