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MQM boycotts selective repolling in NA-250

- May 17, 2013 - Updated 2151 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has boycotted the repolling in 43 polling stations of NA-250 constituency, Geo News reported.


"We reject Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP) so-called selective repolling formula as we believe it is unfair. MQM will move the courts against this parochial decision in the light of constitution", said MQM leader Raza Haroon talking to a press conference after an emergent high-level party meeting.


MQM's Pakistan and London Coordination Committees took a decision to this effect after a long deliberation here on Friday night.


Haroon said this move was only creating more divisions among the people of Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular.


"By not submitting to the ECP decree we have exercised our constitutional right", the MQM leader said.


He vowed to leave no forum unmoved against this inequitable move.


Haroon made it clear that only a complete reelection in NA-250, PS-112, and PS-113 could bring MQM back on board.


He said this increasingly blatant denial of constitutional rights to the people must come to an end.


"Stop pushing the people up against the wall", he warned.


Haroon further added that MQM was not a "drawing room" party, adding it was a movement founded on the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs.


"I am warning the conspirator(s) to bear in mind that MQM is a political party that survived a state-backed operation. So refrain from trying us. You will only hit a brick wall", said he.


He said the forces of terror singled out MQM only because it was a progressive party, adding certain political parties were in cahoots with terrorists.


“The terrorists, who some political groups have taken under their wings, want to repress the enlightened forces in Karachi”, he added.

Reader Comments
MQM Boycotting it because it will expose their rigging. They know they can never win in entire karachi without rigging.

Kamran Khan
They know that they are going to lose, so good strategy. This way they can always create trouble later on and blame it all on ECP.

M Iqbal
MQM is not important..Wake up Karachi citizens and reject them and throw them out for ever

MQM are this time in trouble. No more ministries and black mailing of PPP. Their patron is under house arrest. The PIR OF London just roars and createS trouble for himself in UK. we are fed up with these black mailers.

Mohammad Nazeer
Good riddance

MQM thinks that we all live in "LALA LAND", there is absolutly nothing progressive about this party. Although i do have to say that during the time of Mayor Mustafa Kamal, i was becoming a fan. But there flip flopping to stay in govt and finally this GOONISH RIGGING to win elections broke the camels back. There is no way MQM can ever win the hearts of Karachites employing these tactics.

MQM will celebrate their Winning why not. People karachi vote them. That is totally unfair with MQM. I couldn't be able to understand: Is it more fair to do the polling on a specified station or Is it more fair to do the polling in all the polling stations of NA-250. Be a Unbiased judge and tell me with the right reasoning ?

Amaan Zia
This is a plain blackmail tactic. It proves enough of the intent. Look at their ring-leader under scanners even in his place of refuge. All other parties must insist and make ECP to wait till their leader in UK gets a clean bill of health from the British investigative authorities.

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