Tuesday November 29, 2022

People take to streets in Swat to seek peace

October 01, 2022

MINGORA: A large number of people took to the streets in Matta tehsil on Friday against the fresh wave of militancy in Swat district.

A huge number of elders, youth, and political activists gathered at Matta Chowk, demanding peace from the state. The rally was organised by Swat Olasi Pasoon and Swat Quami Jirga against the recurrence of terrorist activities, the closure of the internet in Matta tehsil, and the throwing of stones by unidentified persons in the houses at night.

Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement head Manzoor Pashteen, MNA Mohsin Dawar, PkMAP leader Mukhtiar Yousfazai, ANP’s Ayoub Asharey, PPP leader Dr. Amjad and local elders addressed the rally.

The speakers said that the entry of militants in Swat, despite the presence of a huge number of security personnel, was questionable. “The 2022 Swat is different from the 2007 Swat as we will no longer be deceived by the fake slogans raised by the militants in 2007. This time we will not condemn terrorists’ activities, but we will resist them,” said Dr. Amjad, a local leader of the PPP.

The speakers said unidentified people had been throwing stones at their houses in different areas of Matta tehsil during nights for the last 20 days, which was condemnable. “Ironically, despite the presence of law-enforcement agencies in their villages, miscreants manage to enter our villages, throw stones at our houses at midnight, and then easily go back,” said PkMAP spokesperson Mukhtiar Yousafzai.

“If the law-enforcement agencies fail to arrest the miscreants who throw stones to the houses, the local residents will take them to justice,” he added.

The speakers said that Swat was not a neighbouring district with Afghanistan, but it was far from the border, and the appearance of the militants in Swat raised many questions.

“Sabotaging peace in Swat means hitting the peace of the entire province, which will not be tolerated. If the so-called militants tried to sabotage peace in Swat, the people from the entire KP will come out to resist them this time,” said Manzoor Pashteen in his address and said that this time no one would leave Swat or migrate from Swat but would stand up to the militants.

He said that Pakhtuns would no longer be made a scapegoat for the interests of some elements. “We do not accept any negotiation with the militants. We will also oppose entry of militants into the Pakhun belt,” he added.

The speakers said it was a good omen that all walks of life came out to demand peace. “Previously, people were not aware of the fact, but this time the situation is different as everyone, elders, youth and children are aware, which is why they are on the streets to demand a peaceful Swat,” said MNA Mohsin Dawar.