Wednesday November 30, 2022

Poems on multiple meanings of life

September 13, 2022

‘Kharam-e-Mohabbat’ is a collection of poems written by Mamoona Shah. The poet mainly uses the traditional classic poetry form, complete with rhyming couplets, but she also includes some examples of her free-verse poems.

The book begins with reflections on life. The passage of time is a recurring theme in these poems. In one poem, she begins with a re-write of a childhood rhyme marking the passage of another year, with some painful recollections of the celebration that helped her make the transition.

This collection reflects on numerous meanings of life and how the poet comprehends what it means to be alive, what it means to love, and what it means to lose. The poems are uniform — strong, powerfully emotive, vibrant, and impressive. The book collects a wide range of varied emotions related to love and manifests them in the form of words. The poet speaks of a love so intense that it feels just as strong when in the presence of the beloved or absence. The poetry also speaks of heartbreak, joy, and desire. The panorama of the poet is expansive, so her words transport us through a wide range of emotions and sensations.

Poet speaks of beauty but reminds us that this is only a superficial and passing aspect. That is why the poet gives us various analogies referring to different types of love and beauty.

For example, a pleasant memory is beautiful for all the truths it incorporates because it makes us relive a rewarding experience. I enjoyed this series of poems because they maintain the essence of love stories and longing, but they are also full of wisdom.Through the pages of this book, we can feel the call of our soul seeking to express itself freely. In addition, we can see love in everything around us and share it with harmony so that the feeling reaches all our loved ones.

The issues and emotions Mamoona writes about are universal and therefore common to many. She also finds much beauty in the commonplace reflected in her writing. There are no lofty sentiments here, just down-to-earth expressions reflecting everyday issues of the heart.

Laced with a wistful sense of nostalgia, the poems take us back to our adolescent years, a time of first crushes, first love and much more. There is a yearning for mutual love seeping through the pages while also depicting the downsides of heartbreak and one-sided love. In another segment, the poet focuses on the themes of loss, betrayal, and the resilient spirit of the human heart, which continues to long for love despite countless heartbreaks and dysfunctional relationships.