Wednesday September 28, 2022

Letting democracy down

August 15, 2022

For many reasons, democracy has yet to take firm roots in Pakistan. First, the political class is disconnected from the people and does not represent them faithfully. Education is still a luxury for most people and poverty is the norm. Another debilitating factor is the rise of a culture of vulgarity. Threats and derogatory remarks may earn some short-term political dividends but they have historically kept decent individuals away from active politics. The supremacy of parliament is enshrined in the constitution but the way its members behave is contrary to the ideals they claim to uphold.

As we move closer to the next national elections, our democratic process will start drifting more and more into trivialities with politicians picking up new and old scandals to wield against their opponents. Social media, in particular, will mix fact with fiction to put forth semi-fictional narratives. We, the people, will judge the politicians on what they say more than on what they have done and will actually do.

Zunaira Haroon