Sunday February 05, 2023

Directive to check illegal crossing of train track

By Our Correspondent
August 12, 2022

LAHORE:IG Railways Rao Sardar Ali Khan has circulated a letter to the Superintendents of Railways Police (SRPs) of all eight divisions to adopt strict and effective measures for curbing illegal crossing of the railways track. Due to illegal level crossings large number of accidents are taking place and causing loss of many precious lives as well as damage to the property of railways and the general public. Such accidents are also increasing day by day.

In the letter, instructions were given to all SRPs that they should establish special teams in their divisions to ensure prevention of accidents due to illegal trespassing and take legal action against them in this regard. IG directed to superintendents to issue instructions to all SHOs and supervisory officers to create awareness among the general public about unmanned level crossings and illegal trespassing in collaboration with the railways and district administration. Announcements should be made and in close liaison with the management of nearby schools, colleges and madrassas, the students in classes and assemblies be informed regarding precautions to cross level crossings. Awareness campaign should be publicised in print, electronic and social media so that such accidents can be avoided in the future.

Furthermore, along with the railways administration, boards should be displayed at railways stations and tracks to indicate illegal trespassing, so that the people can get awareness about it.

Instructions were also given to coordinate with railways administration to install safety fences along the track where required and adopt safest mode of passage for the commuters.