Thursday September 29, 2022

Another drive against beggars soon

By Our Correspondent
August 09, 2022

Islamabad:The district administration has decided to launch another crackdown to curb professional beggary that has become a nuisance for the visitors in markets and bazaars.

According to the details, the administration has got the information that beggars are using buckets and carts to disguise as sellers of fruit or other food items. These beggars have defined their respective areas while special persons are deployed to monitor their activities and earnings.

An official said when the policemen approach beggars they rush towards any cart, which is managed by another beggar, and start posing as fruit sellers. He said the professional beggars also stand on various highways and squares of the city and not only affect the flow of traffic but also increase the risk of road accidents.

He also pointed out that the beggars are of all ages, ranging from elderly men and women to children, who are often plucked from their families and forced into begging. “The police arrest them and usually hand them over to social organisations but eventually they make it back to the streets. Most of the beggars do not have identity documents, which makes it difficult to take action against them, even when they are allegedly involved in illegal activities,” he said.

Komal Raja, a social activist, said “There is no data available about the number of beggars in Islamabad or any other city because the relevant authorities are yet to carry out necessary work regarding this issue.”

She said that the government needs to enact effective legislation to curb beggars and create shelter homes for them, where they can be housed and taught skills so that they can earn a living and become contributing members of society.

Launching crackdowns against beggars time and again cannot serve the purpose because the government must remove causes of beggary and rehabilitate those that are already in this illegal profession, she said.