Sunday August 07, 2022

PFA discards expired beverages

By Our Correspondent
July 06, 2022

LAHORE:The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) stopped the production of two juice factories and lodged FIR against the food business operators besides discarding thousands of liters of expired beverages on Sheikhupura Road on Tuesday.

PFA DG Shoaib Khan Jadoon said that PFA discarded 5,500 liters of expired juices and 80kg of fungus-infested expired mango pulp in these factories. He said that PFA watchdogs also witnessed an abundance of insects and stinky environment. He said that emergency prohibition orders (EPOs) were imposed over failure to meet the provincial food regulations.

Jadoon urged people to prefer homemade fresh and nutritious food instead of consuming ready-made products. He also appealed to the public to read the writing on the label before purchasing any foodstuff.