Saturday September 30, 2023

Budget 2022-23

July 04, 2022

The National Assembly has passed the 2022-23 budget without any opposition. The ruling party has added the IMF’s recommendations as well. It is unfortunate that Pakistan has to go to the IMF every year because it does not have enough funds for the development of the country. Why can’t it learn to spend within its means? Why can’t it completely ban the import of non-essential items? A large number of Pakistanis belong to the lower and middle classes; how can they pay high taxes? The government should focus on cutting down on its expenses and withdraw ministers’ perks.

Our parliamentarians are rich and can easily pay their utility bills. The ruling parties used to march against the PTI government which, according to them, was unable to control inflation, but now they are unable to bring down the inflation rate. This problem can be resolved if the government adopts austerity. It should also focus on drafting long-term and permanent economic policies to fix the country’s economy.

SM Farooq Sagri