Tuesday May 30, 2023

Residents face water shortage in sectors G-13 & 14

By Our Correspondent
July 03, 2022

Islamabad : The residents of residential sectors G-13 and G-14 are paying up to Rs5,000 to get water from private tankers to meet their requirements in the ongoing summer season.

According to the details, the builders are constructing buildings in these sectors but the availability of water is still a grave issue that is yet to be resolved by the concerned authorities.

Water is sometimes provided once a week and sometimes not at all and people are left on the mercy of the tanker mafia. Some areas are more affected like St 79, G-13/1, and St 39, 43, and 45 in G-13/2.

A plan was under consideration to supply water to these sectors from Khanpur Dam but there were some issues that acted as stumbling blocks such as encroachment and non-acquisition of land for laying the supply lines.

The civic agency started providing water to these sectors through tankers at subsidized rates. There were no charges for filling the private water tankers at its G-10 facility so that the residents of these two sectors could get water at subsidized rates.

But later, the residents were forced to buy water through tankers at inflated prices because water at subsidized rates was available only once a week.

The residents informed that they are also facing problems with schools, dilapidated roads, electricity shortage, unavailability of parks, lack of cleanliness, and absence of health facilities.

An official of the civic agency said “We are not directly responsible for the provision of basic amenities in sectors G-13 and G-14 because there is a separate organization that has the legal responsibility to take care of all these things."

“In the past, we provided water through tankers at subsidized rates to the residents of sectors G-13 and G-14 and also presented a proposal to resolve this issue on a permanent basis,” he said.