Friday August 12, 2022

Over Rs32bn KMC budget unveiled

By Our Correspondent
June 30, 2022

Karachi Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Wednesday presented the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation's (KMC) budget of Rs32.21 billion for the financial year 2022-23 with a surplus of Rs16.12 million.

The administrator presented the budget at a press briefing at the Khaliq Dina Hall. The total receipts in the budget was Rs32.21 billion while the total expenditure was estimated at Rs32.19 billion. Municipal Commissioner Afzal Zaidi, Finance Advisor Ghulam Murtaza Bhutto, Director Budget Nasir Mahmood Ishaq, Senior Director HRM Imtiaz Abro, Senior Director Media Management Ali Hassan Sajid and other officers were also present during the presentation of the budget.

According to the budget book, total receipts are expected to be of Rs32.212 billion, including current receipts of Rs26.61 billion, capital receipts of Rs0.5 billion and District ADP funds of Rs5 billion.

The grant from the Sindh government, including the Octroi Zila Tax (OZT) share, would be Rs18.6 billion and in terms of current and arrears from the provincial government in the head of Entertainment Tax, Rs200 million are expected to be transferred to the KMC. Liabilities of Rs1.85 billion on K-Electric are also expected to be given to the KMC.

Similarly, Rs1,477.613 million revenue is expected from land enforcement, estate, Katchi Abadi, PD Orangi and charged parking. The total expenditures are estimated at Rs32.195. In terms of repair and maintenance, Rs271.38 million have been earmarked while development projects are estimated to be Rs2.72 billion.

In the budget for the next financial year, Rs8,677.48 million have been allocated for the pension fund, miscellaneous expenses and a bailout package. Similarly Rs5,756.25 million have been allocated for medical and health services, Rs3,943.03 million for municipal services, and Rs2,079.01 million for the Engineering Department.

In the budget of the next fiscal year, Rs1,422.005 million have been earmarked for land enforcement, estate, Katchi Abadi, PD Orangi and charged parking, Rs1,184.42 million for the Parks and Horticulture Department, Rs973.45 million for culture, sports and recreation, Rs898.49 million for finance and accounts (MUCT), Rs184.23 million for the Law Department, and Rs888.58 million for the CLICK project.

In the budget for 2022-23, Rs500 million have been allocated for development works, including improvement of roads, sidewalks, sewerage line, bridges and intersections. Similarly, Rs250 million have been earmarked for the management of street lights on major roads, and Rs172 million for improvement of infrastructure.

An amount of Rs115.68 million has been set aside for the purchase of ventilators and other medical devices in KMC hospitals, Rs100 million for the development of KMC Parks, Rs85 million for improvement of Karachi Zoo, Safari Park and purchase of new animals. The KMC has also allocated Rs80 million for tree planting on major roads. The Karachi administrator said that no new tax has been imposed in the budget. He said that the people's government of the Pakistan Peoples Party did not make mere verbal claims or false promises but believed in real service. “The PPP is striving to serve the citizens as per the pragmatic vision of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari,” he added.

He said the solar energy park at the Kidney Hill Park would be operational by the end of July to deal with the energy crisis, which would generate 365,000 units of electricity to illuminate street lights in the city.

He said efforts were being made to improve the KMC’s revenue system so that the next mayor did not have to face the unavailability of funds. He said the ADP funds were being utilised for the city improvement, adding that the KMC land records had been computerised for the first time.

"My goal is that whoever is the mayor or administrator should do a better job, this is our city and we need to move forward," he added. The administrator said that renovation of 20 more parks in different areas will be completed in the next three months. "We have built a park in Clifton Cantonment but the fee is being collected by the cantonment itself. To solve these problems, there should be a centralized revenue authority in the city," said.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that Karachi Zoo and Safari Park had been improved and it increased the revenue of KMC. He said that if the fire brigade had been connected to 1122 emergency system, adding that in the next phase, 15 helpline will also be connected in a few days. It will modernize the emergency system.

Earlier, comparison and other details between KMC's budget for the last l and the next financial years were given through slides presentation. Meanwhile, Municipal Commissioner Afzal Zaidi while referring to the preparation of the budget said that this year the focus had been on further improving the recovery targets. He said that in terms of development work, the target has been achieved 100 percent. “Efforts are being made to make further improvements next year.”