Tuesday August 09, 2022

Lights out

June 25, 2022

Ever since the PTI government left office, Karachi has been witnessing a surge in power outages. Almost all areas are hit by 10-hour-long loadshedding. K-Electric has issued a schedule of loadshedding to ‘help’ residents plan their days accordingly. It is so frustrating that even after all these years, Pakistan has failed to resolve the power crisis. There was some respite in 2018 when most parts of the city became loadshedding-free. It seems that all the good work that was carried out in 2018 has been undone. Karachi is back to the early 2010s when power outages had disrupted people’s lives. Every government blames its predecessor for the current problem. The PDM is using the same tactics to shift the blame for this crisis to the PTI. In the middle of such political games, citizens continue to suffer.

Iqra Kazim