Tuesday July 05, 2022

Siphon irrigation: Establishment of two news villages bears fruit

By Our Correspondent
June 24, 2022

CHITRAL; The establishment of new villages in Parwak and Dumadumi in Upper Chitral has brought prosperity to the inhabitants of the Sonoghor and Awi villages apart from relieving them of the ever impending danger of glacial lakes outburst flood.

Former councillors of Parwak, Eid Ali and Aisar Wali Khan, said that the establishment of a new village in Parwak in the 1980s in the vast and arid pieces of the arid land situated opposite to Sonoghor had totally relieved hundreds of families from the recurring disasters every summer.

The said that reclined on the foothills of one of the summits of Hindukush, it was threatened by glacial lake outburst flood. The glacial lake outburst had washed away two-third of the Sonoghor village in 2016 but the loss to human life was naught as the villagers had already left the area for the newly established safe settlement.

“It could have been really a doomsday for about one thousand people living in the area when it was hit by the glacial lake outburst on that terrible evening of 2016,” Eid Ali said, adding that they were saved only due to their migration to the new hamlet.