Sunday June 26, 2022

PFA discards 3,100kg expired pulp

By Our Correspondent
May 27, 2022

LAHORE:Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has discarded 3,100kg expired pulp and 39kg expired flavours during a raid on a famous industrial chemical manufacturing unit on Sheikhupura Road on Thursday.

PFA Director General Shoaib Khan Jadoon said that fungus-infested pulp was preserved in the non-food grad drums after packing in polythene bags. Meanwhile, the food safety team has sent samples of substandard mango pulp and expired flavours for laboratory tests.

He said that unwholesome edibles (ingredients) were to be used in the manufacturing of juice that was discarded on the spot. He said that the raiding team also witnessed poor storage area, an abundance of flies, stagnant water and poor cleanliness arrangements. DG PFA has requested the public to report any suspicious activities related to food adulteration and unhygienic food points on PFA Facebook Page and Toll-Free number.