Monday July 04, 2022

Long wait

May 17, 2022

This is to draw the attention of officials of the German embassy in Islamabad to the unavailability of student visa/blocked account appointments on the embassy’s website. I secured admission in a Master’s programme at a German university about two years ago, but I was unable to attend as I was given an appointment for visa at a date much later than the start of my academic semester. However, as per the requirement for studies in Germany, I created a blocked account with an amount of 11,000 euros to finance my stay there.

With the emergence of Covid, the embassies shut, and I was not able to withdraw the money in my blocked account. Post-Covid, I hoped to re-apply for admission, but to my disappointment, the waitlists for visa appointment times had not been reduced, leaving me with no option but to try and get my blocked account closed so I can use the money to pursue studies elsewhere. Over two months have passed and I have not been able to book an appointment for this purpose. There is no information about the availability of dates, and this is despite the fact that the embassy is currently fully operational.

Zoya Nazir