Wednesday July 06, 2022

Unfit for the job

May 16, 2022

This refers to the article, ‘The shadows of neo-imperialism’ by Raoof Hasan (May 13). Let us assume that there was a foreign conspiracy to oust Imran Khan. But such a conspiracy could succeed only when the targeted person had weak support at home. It is a fact that even with the longest political struggle in Pakistani history, Imran Khan managed to win a thin majority in the 2018 elections. A capable person in his position would have increased his strength substantially by using his advantageous position. However, he wrongly believed that those who brought him to power – his allies and people who joined his party – were bound to keep him propped up all the time. He was not least bothered about the problems and complaints of his coalition partners. He failed to extend a minimum level of courtesy to them, firmly believing that they would keep toeing the line of his party. He recently said that he got to know about the then opposition’s plan to oust him in July and informed the relevant people who could have prevented the move but they failed to do anything.

He lost his prime ministerial chair purely because of his incapacity, arrogant behaviour, and refusal to listen to sane advice; the wrong appointments he made for important positions; and most importantly, his inability, rather refusal, to read the writing on the wall. Imran Khan is unfit for the PM position.

SRH Hashmi