Monday September 26, 2022

Monal to be transformed into wildlife centre

The IWMB has prepared a proposal to establish Wildlife Educational Centre and now it would be presented at the relevant forum for final approval

February 01, 2022
Monal restaurant has now been sealed on courts order. -File
Monal restaurant has now been sealed on court's order. -File

Islamabad: The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) is making a plan to turn Monal Restaurant into a Wildlife Educational Centre to raise awareness about protection and preservation of Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).

According to the details, the IWMB has prepared a proposal to establish this centre and now it would be presented at the relevant forum for final approval. The climate change ministry has already lauded the decision of the court to seal off Monal Restaurant and it is likely to support the proposal for establishment of this centre.

The IWMB has also decided to serve notices to two other restaurants that are still operating in the vicinity of the protected MHNP. An official of the climate change ministry said the efforts are under way to restore the land of the national park illegally occupied by local people and builders for residential and commercial purposes.

He said that the decision of the court would greatly help improve biodiversity, promote flora and fauna and restore ecosystem of the national park. The IWMB chairperson said, “Old Islamabad Zoo is being turned into wildlife park with separate rescue centre for injured wildlife species.”

She said, “Similarly, we have plans to transform Monal Restaurant to educational/info centre for wildlife of MHNP. Both these centres will be opened for general public.” “Capital Development Authority (CDA) has no objection to both these projects for the public good. The projects will raise awareness about wildlife and encourage visitors to respect and value rich biodiversity of the national park,” she said.

She informed that as for the Naval Golf Course, the land taken from MHNP would be restored in line with the decision of the court, adding “Monal Restaurant has been sealed at least three times. Now other restaurants in area would also be served notices.”


    Naveed A Sh commented 8 months ago

    Good news. A step in the right direction. A much needed initiative to raise public awareness to respect biodiversity.

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    Daud commented 8 months ago

    Nice.. make it worth it and effort should be made to attract tourist. Otherwise it all ment for nothing. Don't spoil this spot.

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    Sameer Qadir commented 8 months ago

    By the way, anyone reading this article will wonder who "he" is, and who "she" is!!

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    M.A Kauser commented 8 months ago

    What a sad news with regards to Monal restaurant. This was the most attractive spot for anyone visiting the capital city. Please let the restaurant operate and think about the number of poor employees that will lose their jobs. Very sad indeed.

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    Mirza commented 8 months ago

    I think just run it as it is under the govt control and at low prices, it is quite popular place for tourists

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    Mohsin Ali Haider commented 8 months ago

    The government is starving 700 families just to promote flora and fauna

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    Aslam Mughal commented 8 months ago

    This move will give a reprieve to the public for indulging in heavy food over the weekends..Good move

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    Good decision, it is an eyesore and pollutes the area commented 8 months ago

    Good decision, it is an eyesore and pollutes the area

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