Monday May 16, 2022

Road rage

January 17, 2022

People of Hub are deprived of good roads. First, the city’s roads are mostly single-lane roads, leading to heavy traffic. A bypass was recently constructed near the city to decrease the number of long vehicles going through it. However, a few weeks later, heavy vehicles started to enter the main city once more as a shortcut, which increased traffic jams.

Second, in rainy seasons, roads get wet, and many people, especially motorcyclists, end up getting into accidents. Roads should be cleaned regularly and heavy vehicles should be stopped from entering the city.

Naveed Ahmed

Mari Abad


This is to draw the attention of the authorities to the decrepit state of roads in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Almost every road is broken. There are also numerous potholes on roads that have led to major accidents and traffic jams, especially during rainy seasons. As people try to avoid potholes, they end up in other lanes, causing congestion.

The authorities have been paying no attention to these problems, which increases the occurrence of accidents.

Amir Hamza