Tuesday January 18, 2022

Pakistan recycling Tetra Pak waste

December 05, 2021
Pakistan recycling Tetra Pak waste

LAHORE: Pakistan is recycling up to 41pc waste of Tetra Pak cartons, which makes around 26,000 tons collections from across the country, a statement said.

Tetra Pak Pakistan and Green Earth Recycling hosted a visit for Rukhsana Naveed, parliamentary secretary for Climate Change, where she was briefed on long-standing partnership between the two companies since 2014, which is now resulting in over 41 percent of Tetra Pak’s production of carton packaging, approximately 26,000 tons to be collected from across the country and recycled.

“The times we live in have clearly demonstrated the fact that our planet, society, and economy are inevitably interconnected,” Tetra Pak Pakistan’s managing director Awais Bin Nasim said.

“We have collaborated with Green Earth Recycling, a state-of-the-art pioneer in the industry, enabling the recycling of all components of Tetra Pak carton packages in Pakistan,” he added.

Green Earth Recycling Director Babar Bhatti said their partnership with Tetra Pak to turn all components of carton packages into valuable end products.

The secretary was also briefed regarding Tetra Pak’s global sustainability commitments and its subsequent global campaign entitled “Go Nature Go Carton”, which highlights the measures the company is taking to create a sustainable value chain around the world.

She also visited the recycling plant where Tetra Pak cartons are separated as part of certain processes and strong paper fibers are extracted and processed to be sent to large paper mills across the country to be used as raw materials for a wide range of products.

The remaining polyethylene and aluminum parts are granulated to be reintroduced by making them into new products, such as roofing tiles, pellets, park benches, waste bins,etc.