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Bank robbed of over Rs800,000 in Gulberg heist

December 02, 2021
Bank robbed of over Rs800,000 in Gulberg heist

A gang of six robbers stormed a private bank branch in Federal B Industrial Area Block 17, held the security guards and bank staff hostage at gunpoint and walked off with over Rs80,000 on Wednesday.

The robbers had already escaped, before the police arrived. Special Investigation Unit SSP Arif Aziz visited the bank to inquire into the robbery. He told the media that two of the robbers had arrived on a motorcycle and stood outside the bank to keep vigilance while the other four robbers had come on a car, completed their swift operation in five minutes and fled the scene with a total of Rs840,000.

SSP Aziz said a police mobile was patrolling the area when the robbery took place but they did not hear the security alarm, adding that the security alarm of the bank might not have rung loudly. The officer added that the security guards were also being questioned as they did not retaliate when the robbers tried to enter the bank.