Wednesday August 17, 2022

People are talking about —

November 28, 2021

-- how the government capitulates every time when protesters raise demands or go on strike -- an indication that it has no writ. People say since a warning is always given before a strike by any group, why does the government not act proactively to solve the problem instead of waiting till either there is upheaval in the general public’s life, or there has been damage to property, if it is going to give in to protesters demands.

-- how organised beggary is taking a new shape in Islamabad as groups of beggars are brought to the commercial areas in the morning in vehicles which drop them off and then pick them up at 11pm daily. People say if this is a known fact then it’s not difficult to keep these groups under surveillance and catch them in the act, something which should be dealt with expeditiously and with dedication - unless of-course, there are ‘sympathisers’ in the administration.

-- the burning of narcotic drugs that takes place every now and again. People say while this is proof that the anti-Drug Force is doing a good job and needs to be appreciated for its efforts, it also causes a huge amount of smoke which pollutes the environment. People say it would set a good example if the management of the force comes up with a better solution to dispose of confiscated drugs in an environment friendly manner.

-- the practice of issuing utility bills at the end of the month which is quite irksome as they have to be paid off within a week and is especially troublesome for the salaried class and those with limited resources. People say to resolve this issue on a priority basis, either the utility companies must issue the bills during the first week, or the late payment surcharge must be reduced so that the already inflation-hit masses may get some relief.

-- the screening test adopted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to weed out non-serious candidates and reduce the burden on its selection process. People say while it has caused concern regarding its fairness, the distribution of marks across the subjects in the test is fair, making it possible for meritorious candidates to qualify without relying on rote-learning, so notwithstanding the cynical reception of the announcement, this might prove to be a pragmatic approach towards an otherwise hectic process.

-- how a conflict between Minister of State for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul and S APM on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, during the UN Climate Change Conference forced the minister to leave the conference and return to Pakistan. People say due to the incompetence of the officials of the Ministry of Climate Change, there has been a loss of millions of rupees to the national exchequer; the desired results could not be achieved and the question arises why two delegations were sent.

-- the news that passengers on a PIA flight from Manchester to Islamabad left so much litter on the plane that it led to a delayed departure, which is a national embarrassment. People say these same persons would not act in this fashion on a foreign carrier or back ‘home’ because they know that other countries are strict about such misbehaviour and heavy fines are imposed, another proof that the writ of law in this country is zero and no one cares. – I.H.