Wednesday August 17, 2022

Kettle and pot

November 27, 2021

This refers to the news report ‘Resolution of people’s problems lies in ouster of PTI government: Bilawal’ (November 21). There is absolutely no doubt that the PTI government has failed to deliver in most matters of public interest.

However, the PTI has been ruling at the centre and in some provinces, excluding Sindh, for just over three years. Before that, the PML-N and the PPP have been misruling for decades. And as for Sindh – which has been under continuous PPP rule for over thirteen years – facilities for ordinary people have been declining for over a decade. So, instead of just criticising others, Bilawal Bhutto should do something for the province. He can start with giving it an empowered local government system, and getting a proper count of its population, especially that of Karachi.

S R H Hashmi