Friday December 03, 2021

Lost generation

November 26, 2021

The Sindh government has utterly failed to create job prospects for university graduates. While Sindh's educational institutions generate thousands of degree holders each year, millions of students have squandered their age and talent waiting for work opportunities. In 2019, the Sindh government declared 1500 posts of lecturers through the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC). However, the Sindh High Court outlawed the SPSC due to findings of corruption and nepotism by stakeholders. In 2021, and unemployment is rife as ever.

What will be the fate of the province if its younger generation is constantly road blocked by corruption, nepotism, poor governance, and unemployment? All people desire and deserve merit-based employment opportunities devoid of corruption and favouritism. The Sindh government should adopt a constructive approach and help graduates prosper.

Muhammad Faheem Abro