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Utility Stores increase prices of essential commodities

By News Desk
October 31, 2021
Utility Stores increase prices of essential commodities

ISLAMABAD: The Utility Store Corporation (USC) has increased prices of essential commodities of various brands.

According to the notification issued on Saturday, ghee prices have risen by Rs96 per kg, meanwhile, with an increase of Rs370 per litre, the price of corn cooking oil has gone up from Rs500 to Rs870 per litre.

The price of 1.2kg of tea whitener has been increased by Rs40. Small boxes of various sweet dishes including custard and pudding have become expensive by Rs10.

The price of 50 grams of face cream has gone up by Rs40, tissue box by Rs15, tissue roll by Rs5 and a box of black pepper by Rs10.

Prices of chilli garlic, BBQ, pizza sauces, soap, tea mixes, and liquid floor cleaners have also gone up.

The notification added that under the prime minister's relief package, prices will not be applicable on some of the brands available at the stores.

According to Utility Stores officials, products are sold at the same prices at which they are bought from different companies.