Saturday November 27, 2021

TikToker, brother booked for aerial firing

October 27, 2021

PESHAWAR: Though the police lodged a case against a local political worker and his brother for indulging in aerial firing after mounting pressure on social media, they managed to secure the bail before arrest (BBA) to evade arrest.

On Monday, the police arrested 42 people in the provincial capital when thousands of rounds were fired in the air to celebrate Pakistan’s victory against India in the T-20 World Cup fixture.

Many on social media criticised the police that only young men, who had no connections and belonged to poor families, were put behind bars for the aerial firing but none of those from influential families were held despite the fact that their videos went viral.

One social media account posted a video of firing in a posh and sensitive locality, which conveyed the message that no-one can lay hands on those who had connections within the government. Many also tagged the senior police officers in the post.

Neither any action was taken nor anyone commented on it till Monday evening.

On Tuesday, the third day of the firing, the social media wing of the police posted an FIR against two persons, Sahibzada Mehran and his brother Sahibzada Taimur lodged in the East Cantt Police Station for aerial firing in the cantonment limits.

The time mentioned in the FIR was 2:40 pm on October 25, next day of the firing.

The post said one of the two brothers was a local leader of ruling PTI and a TikTok star could not be arrested as they had secured BBA.

Many criticised the police for arresting common people and giving enough time to the political worker in question to secure the BBA.

They said this spoke volumes about the ‘dual standards’ of those in power favouring the blue-eyed people.

It is a common practice in the country that many indulge in aerial firing at weddings and other festive occasions, showing little concern for the safety of others.

Hundreds of people have been killed and maimed for life by stray bullets.

Many suggested introducing strict laws to check this menace.