Monday November 29, 2021

Khattak sees opposition’s ill-intention behind protests

October 24, 2021

NOWSHERA: Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khattak on Saturday said that leaders of opposition parties had ill-intention and their own axe to grind behind the protests being staged against the price spiral.

“A number of initiatives are on the cards to provide maximum relief to the common man as Prime Minister Imran Khan is well-aware of the problems being faced by the poor,” he told media persons at the wedding ceremony of daughter of Muhammad Riaz Khan, the additional advocate general of Peshawar High Court here.

He said that opposition parties had no agenda for the welfare of people and they only wanted protection for their own leaders.

“A leader like Prime Minister Imran Khan can only stage successful sit-ins and hold mammoth public meetings while the rest are only holding a puppet show,” Pervez Khattak said, adding that the premier was the only honest leader, who has the capability to steer the country out of the prevailing crises.

Pervez Khattak said that the opposition was holding the protests to exert pressure on the government to withdraw the corruption cases against them, but it would never happen in the presence of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government.

The country, he alleged, had been suffering due to their corruption but the government would bring back the looted money at all costs.

“The cases, both the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People’s Party leaders are facing, were not instituted during our tenure,” he added.

He said the prime minister still enjoyed the support of the masses and the PTI was the only popular political party in the country.