Sunday November 28, 2021

When the bough breaks

October 24, 2021

Unfortunately, the curriculum taught in Pakistani schools lacks practical education and creativity. Students are compelled to cram the study material without understanding it. This affects their overall approach to education. Our teaching methods are also conventional and unhelpful. There are several training camps for teachers and staff members, but no one is willing to avail these training sessions. Students are made to believe that scoring marks is the sole objective of education. These students – as they grow older – remain incapable of solving day-to-day problems.

Creative writing is also ignored even though it is essential to improve the critical thinking capacity of students and to motivate them to analyse and write. All in all, there is an evident dearth of integrity in education, both practical and physical. The government should pay more attention to the education sector and ensure training sessions are conducted for educators on a quarterly basis.

Barkat Ali Bangwar