Sunday December 05, 2021

The way forward

October 22, 2021

This refers to the article ‘The power games in the Asia-Pacific’ by Waseem Shabbir (October 19). The writer has done a commendable job describing how the US has been busy countering China, particularly on the marine front. QUAD, AUKUS, and B3W are the most recent examples of the US's attempts to undermine the growing capacity of China. However, the US has recently faced a blow in Afghanistan. On the one hand, the world is keeping an eye on the developments in Afghanistan; on the other, the US is finding new allies to counter China. These all will result in real unrest in South and East Asia, which will be a greater problem than the Taliban's control in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the US doesn’t want to lose its supremacy over the globe. But China's growing economic, military, and connectivity stances are stronger than those of the US allies. These efforts are not going to hurt China much but the US. It would be better if the US accepted that China was a superpower in its own right and work for a better and friendly world.

Zohaib Ahmed