Saturday December 04, 2021

Beauty in diversity

October 19, 2021

This refers to the article ‘The ignored Dardic languages’ (October 17) by Dr Naazir Mahmood. Languages are not just a tool for communication, but also a tool for the propagation of essential values of a particular community. Pakistan is a diverse country with a plethora of communities with distinct histories and languages. If the state wants to bring inclusivity, it should promote all local languages. Unfortunately, over the decades, the idea of using local languages in schools has been a controversy, even though it is a known fact that students learn better in their mother tongue.

The state has been stubborn in its reluctance to adopt these languages. The newly adopted Single National Curriculum (SNC) seems like another attempt of the state to rule out inclusion at all levels. The state should acknowledge the fact that educational planning and policies about languages are necessary. Not only will these policies help children but also help mainstream the ever-neglected segments across the country.

Syed Haris Nawaz