Tuesday November 29, 2022

Muslims denied offering Friday prayers in Indian city

October 18, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The Muslims living in Gurugram, a city just southwest of Indian capital New Delhi and known as a financial and technology hub, have been forcibly denied to offer their Friday prayers (Namaz Jumma) by Hindu extremist groups belonging to the ruling BJP.

They have been denied offering the prayers on an open place for fourth consecutive Friday.

According to report, Muslims congregate for Jumma Namaz in Gurugram’s Sector 47, as they have been praying on an empty piece of land since May 2018.

Over recent weeks, locals, who are members of the Bajrang Dal and Bharat Mata Vahini off shoots of the BJP, have been objecting to this practice.

The members of Hindu organisations and residents of Gurugram Sector-47, including women, reached Namaz site and raised slogans as well as performed ‘Aarti’ during Friday prayers. Aarti is a Hindu religious ritual of worship, a part of puja, in which light, usually from a flame, is offered to one or more deities.

A group of 50-70 residents from nearby sectors and members of the Hindu group arrived at the time of Namaz to voice their opposition to prayers being offered in an open space, citing security and traffic concerns.