Saturday December 04, 2021

Promises unfulfilled

October 16, 2021

During the 2018 polls, Imran Khan made several promises with the nation, which included eradication of corruption and poverty, reducing unemployment and inflation, and dispensation of speedy justice and across-the-board accountability. He also promised that the economy would be strengthened as he had a team of competent and visionary economists. But the reality is different. The remittance-based economy is crumbling by the day. Prices of commodities are beyond the affordability of ordinary people. Even corruption has increased manifold. Despite the fact that NAB has recovered some laundered money – Rs487.5 billion, the government has failed to eliminate the menace. Two leaders from the PTI were exonerated of all charges by NAB, while opposition leaders are being dragged into courts time and again. Likewise, poverty and unemployment are on the rise and show no sign of abating. The poor can barely afford two square meals a day.

The PTI-led government completed three years without fulfilling any promise, and nothing better can be expected in the remaining two years. Security challenges are looming on both the internal and external fronts. The law and order situation is deteriorating by the day. Given the existing volatile regional developments, an economic turnaround and lasting peace and stability in the country seem like a distant dream.

Guldar Ali Khan Wazir