Thursday October 28, 2021

Govt’s historic initiative for character building of society

October 13, 2021
Govt’s historic initiative for character building of society

ISLAMABAD: On the direction of the prime minister, an ordinance has been prepared to establish a Rahmatulil Alameen Authority to promote research on matters of seerat, counter misconceptions at the global level about Islam, promote and propagate key lessons from the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and undertake initiatives to shape narratives from the seerat for the young generation.

The Authority has been established in the backdrop of a significant rise in social crimes and deprivation that many negative western influences have started to inflict on Pakistani society. A sharp rise in violence against women and children, as well as subtle adverse inspirations imbibed by young people, has highlighted the need to look up to the golden principles of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

An Education Ministry official explained that the patron-in-chief of the Authority will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A high-level advisory committee of eminent scholars on Seeratul Tayyabba will provide advice to the prime minister and the members of the Authority and will also review the implementation work done under the Authority.

The Authority will be headed by a chairperson, who will be a person of impeccable integrity, eminent scholarship, and well-versed in seerat matters as well as in the promotion of lessons through various media, to be appointed by the PM.

Besides the chairperson, there will be seven other members who would be of high reputation, competent, well-versed in seerat matters and literature and experienced in research.

The secretariat of the Authority will work under the Prime Minister Office, and will be headed by a director-general, not less in rank than BPS-20. The secretariat will be supported by directors, researchers, and other necessary staff.

The Authority will actively work with global scholars to initiate and consolidate research on various dimensions of seerat and render it in a way that is pertinent to the current age.

It will provide a counter-narrative to the misconceptions and propaganda against Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at an international level.

The Authority will work with the National Curriculum Council to continuously update the curriculum and issue guidelines on Seerat, led by research and logic. It will build linkages with other entities at the national and international level working on seerat and research on the Islamic way of life. It will provide strategic support and top-level endorsement for conducting seerat events across the country as well as internationally.

Independent sources said that this is the government's historic initiative to improve the character and moral values of the society and protect it from the negative influence of western culture.