Sunday December 05, 2021

Rare golden eagle seized in Kaghan valley

October 03, 2021

MANSEHRA: A joint team of the Wildlife Department and police seized an endangered golden eagle which was trapped and being smuggled abroad, an official said on Saturday

“We have seized a golden eagle and two kestrels during a raid in the Kaghan valley and also confiscated the trapping materials from the offenders,” Divisional Wildlife Officer Taimur Shah told reporters here.

He said that the joint team led by Mohsin Shah, the sub-divisional wildlife officer Kaghan range, on a tip off raided a trapping party in Gatidas polo ground at the Lulusar and Dodipat national park and seized the indigenously habited bird.

Shah said that the trappers, including Sher Muhammad and Khairul Bashar of hailing of Peshawar were penalised through a fine of Rs76, 000.

“Our conservator has lauded the seizure of such an exotic species of eagles which is habituated at the high Himalaya range,” he said.

The DWO added that the seized golden eagle and kestrel were shifted to the Dhodial Pheasantry where the former was under medical care and would be released into the natural habitat.

The official said that the department was utilising all available resources on protecting the wildlife, particularly endangered species.

“We have already carried out operations against the trappers and hunters in Saiful Muluk and Dodipat national parks in Kaghan valley,” said the official.

He said his department had distributed the written material brushers and pictures among the communities seeking their support against the offenders.

“Kaghan, Siran, Konsh and other alpine meadows house exotic and endangered pheasant, birds and animal species besides flora and fauna,” Shah added.