Friday October 22, 2021

Tourism digitalised

September 25, 2021

Tourism can play a vital role in alleviating poverty in the country. Many factors lead to an increase in tourism: a peaceful environment, cleanliness, safety of visitors, and the provision of stay facilities. In return, tourism creates job and opportunities for locals. While the incumbent government is making commendable efforts to promote the tourism industry in Pakistan, there are more steps that can be taken to boost the sector in this digital era.

The government of Pakistan can develop mobile apps to showcase the beauty of the country and for better marketing. The app could have historical information as well as weather conditions, traffic conditions etc. Such an app will make the whole process more seamless and convenient for all the parties involved. The earned revenue will benefit both Pakistan's GDP and the locals who are facing immense poverty. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on all sectors of industry but tourism took a direct hit. Now, the authorities need to take immediate and effective steps to help the industry.

Jawad Ahmed Awan