Friday October 15, 2021

Jang Group and MKR launch polio awareness campaign

September 21, 2021
Jang Group and MKR launch polio awareness campaign

KARACHI: A nationwide campaign has been launched to eradicate polio across the country. Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Foundation (MKR), Jang, The News and all channels and newspapers of Geo TV Network (Jang Group) have also launched a public awareness campaign.

The campaign is aimed at informing the public that polio vaccines are essential for the health of young children, so this time they should be given “Vitamin A” along with polio vaccines. It is also necessary. The campaign aims to educate family elders about the importance of polio vaccines so that misconceptions about polio can be dispelled in society.

The campaign will also bring to the fore the families who previously refused the polio vaccine and have spent a lifetime of grief when their children have contracted the incurable disease. This campaign is also making the grandparents and other elders of the family realise their responsibility that the healthy life of their children is very important not only for them but also for Pakistan.

Therefore, the elders of the house should come forward and make it mandatory for all children below five years of age to be vaccinated against polio. Remember that only the right decision of the elders of the house can secure a healthy future for the children. We must never forget that Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two countries in the world where there is a polio epidemic. We have to eradicate this epidemic from our country.

Achieving a polio-free and healthy Pakistan is once again in the hands of the people. The polio campaign will continue in full swing in Sindh till September 26. Polio workers will come door to door to vaccinate children, so we must take advantage of this golden opportunity to vaccinate our children to protect them from lifelong disability so that we, our society and our green country can stay healthy.