Sunday October 24, 2021

Cracks in the PDM

September 16, 2021

Eleven political parties from the opposition zealously joined hands under the banner of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to oust the PTI-led government. Despite its initial fame, the movement lost steam as the PPP and the PML-N began to fight to assert their dominance, forgetting their original aim. It seems that the PDM is more concerned about criticising the government than about the actual problems of the people such as inflation, unemployment, power outages, nose-diving economy etc.

Discord in the PDM has strengthened the PTI and its government. The 2023 general elections are around the corner and the PDM is yet to give the public a conspicuous roadmap. Another problem the PDM faces is the absence of dynamic leadership, which can take bold decisions to mobilise people. Also, while the former prime minister and his daughter are inclined to a head-on confrontation with the current regime, the PPP has a more pliable approach. Keeping all these significant problems faced by the PDM, it is wiser to let the current regime complete its remaining term in office. The people can decide who they want to elect in the upcoming general elections.

Sajjad Khattak