Wednesday September 22, 2021

Picking T20 World Cup winner difficult proposition: Pocknall

September 15, 2021

ISLAMABAD: New Zealand team coach Glenn Pocknall Tuesday claimed that top five to six teams have equal chances of winning the T20 World Cup, saying that it would be too difficult to pick the single team from equally good squads.

To ‘The News’ question about Kiwis’ chances following their exceptional performance in the 50-over-a-side World Cup and later in the Test Championship, Pocknall said naming the one clear favourite would be too much difficult.

“Top five to six teams have the equal chances of winning the T20 World Cup. The team that succeeds in adjusting to the conditions will be having greater chances. Good to see so many teams having a go at the title. One thing that matters the most is the acquaintance with the UAE pitches. Those who played more matches there would be in a better position to perform. New Zealand have been performing outstandingly in T20 and I am hopeful that trend would continue going into the World Cup.”

Pocknall admitted that for the first time there was no favourite at the outset of the event.

“Some top teams are in fantastic form and as such you can expect anything from them.”

About his team’s tour to Pakistan and the decision of top New Zealand cricketers to play for the IPL rather representing their country in international cricket, Pocknall said the same is the case in every country.

“I am not in the position to answer your question. I think cricketers who prefer leagues should be asked about that.”

Regarding New Zealand team’s chances in the forthcoming back-to-back limited-overs series against Pakistan, the coach said the team had come out of a tough tour.

“We played in the toughest of conditions in Bangladesh where batting was not all that easy because of the behavior of the wickets. Our cricketers worked hard there and even managed to win some matches. In Bangladesh spinners were having all the say and managing their spin was too difficult. Here in Pakistan, spinners will get some assistance but not the way it was there in Bangladesh. So, I think batting will be a lot easier here. In short it would be a competitive series. We have taken notes from the recent series held in Pakistan especially against South Africa and Zimbabwe.”

In One-Day series, Pocknall said that a total of around 260-280 score would be a competitive one.

“Things looks good here and we hope that a score of around 260-280 would be a good one but once we see the behaviour of the pitches, we would be in a better position to say anything.”