Wednesday October 20, 2021

Afghan women intensify their call for inclusion in future govt

September 04, 2021
Afghan women intensify their call for inclusion in future govt

KABUL: A group of Afghan women and civil society activists staged a rally in Kabul on Friday, calling for their inclusion in the future government, including in decision-making and a role in politics.

The rally comes just a day after similar movements in Herat and Kabul as the Taliban opts to form a new government in which they are yet to decide on leadership roles for women. Taliban has said women can work in government institutions but not in higher-ranking positions. The women in Kabul rally asked the Taliban and international community to preserve women’s achievements of the last two decades and respect their political, social, and economic rights.

“No society will make progress without women’s active role,” civil society activist Tarannom Saeedi said. “Therefore, women’s political participation in the future government and its cabinet should be considered.”

“We want to work like men under the Islamic law,” said Razia, a civil society activist. The activists urged Afghan women to resume their activities and trengthen their stance on preserving the achievements of last two decades.

“After the formation of the Taliban government, all women should go back to work,” said Shabana Tawana, a civil society activist. “Do not allow anyone to undermine your achievements of the last 20 years.” As women continue their rallies in Kabul and other parts of the country, footage that rounds on social media shows some Taliban members in front of a government building not allowing a group of women to conduct a rally in the capital city. Taliban so far has not commented on the video.